We have a date! February 3rd.

Shuli Goodman

Hi all, thanks for filling out. There was an easy winner!! February 3 at 7a/10/4p. I will send an invite.

Aram and Bob, please get yourselves set up on the list.
1) ACTION REQUIRED - Go to https://lists.lfenergy.org/ - a) get a Linux Foundation SSO; b) join LF Energy lists; c) subscribe to the CDSC-TSC which will serve as the "all" email, and then join any WG and/or Strategy Committee; d) Subscribe to each CDSC Calendars for meeting information. Very important!
2) ACTION REQUIRED - If you don’t have a GitHub account, go create one at https://github.com/signup 

Thanks all!


l. shuli rose goodman phd.
executive director, LF Energy
a Linux Foundation project
twitter: @LFE_Foundation
c: +1.415.722.9688
v: +1.707.874.3231

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