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Hallie Cramer

Thanks, Killian!

+cdsc-power-system-data-wg@... +cdsc-customer-data-wg@... in case folks are not signed up to the prior tsc list.

As +John Mertic also shared in a prior thread, cdsc-tsc@ and cdsc-strategy-committee@ email lists will be deprecated. In their place will be a combined cdsc-general@ email list.

If you are currently subscribed to cdsc-tsc@, no action is needed. If you are subscribed to cdsc-strategy-committee@, you will need to join the new cdsc-general list. The link to that list is here:


On Thu, Nov 17, 2022 at 12:30 PM Killian Daly <killian@...> wrote:
Hi all,

We are excited to announce the presentation of draft 1 deliverables from the Carbon Data Spec Consortium in a webinar on December 14th 16:00 GMT.

*Please use this link to register for the session*

Preliminary Agenda
  • Summary of objectives, strategy, structure and progress to date
  • Presentation of Customer Data WG Draft 1 Deliverables
  • Presentation of Power System Data WG Draft 1 Deliverables
  • Discussion of how to get feedback from the group
  • AOB
We look forward to see you all there!

Best regards,

Killian Daly 

General Manager  


Phone: +32 47 37 37 070  

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