Update on Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Pierre Segonne

Hey all,

Today we (WG1&2 maintainers + steering committee) had a session with folks from the Linux Foundation to get more information around the new contributor license agreement.


Not much will change for you as a contributor, you will simply have to sign a license agreement to be able to contribute (a bot will check automatically on PRs, otherwise maintainers have to check on other tools such as Google suite). We can officialise our first draft as soon as we have all signed.


Few highlights:

  • Working group roles: Instead of Maintainer, editor, contributor, we’ll have 3 roles. Chair (responsible for the community management), Editor (responsible for the delivery of the specs), contributors. Not much of a change besides names.
  • IP lock-in: Claims to IP can only be excluded prior to the adoption of a draft as an approved deliverable.
  • Meeting requirements
    • 7 days notice for teleconference, 30 days in person
    • Agenda must be posted along with meeting notice
    • Antitrust policies apply to all meetings
    • Minutes should be posted ASAP and accessible to all participants
  • Steering committee: The steering committee official structure will evolve. A LFESS (don’t ask me what the acronym means) steering committee will take ownership of approving new projects and scopes of work. The current steering committee will continue existing for now (chair by Killian Daly), orchestrating the work done under both working groups of the carbon data specification, even though it won’t have an official mandate anymore.



Pierre Segonne

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