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Robbie Morrison

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Interesting online meeting today.  I was not seriously suggesting that LF Energy branches out into long‑haul energy policy analysis (but thanks @eric for the suggestion nonetheless!). 

For a flavor of what open energy system modelers do, the summaries for our next online mini‑workshop in four weeks time could assist:

And to reinforce that "kinda‑open" is not sufficient for my community.  Our minimum standard for data is open data licenses.  Directly equivalent to the standard used for open source software development.  Why should we accept a lower threshold for data and content?

Open energy system models are on the cusp of becoming the default.  But open data and open standards for said data are currently major headaches.  For instance, this posting nine days ago on the static grid model for Europe that I tried to outline on the zoom call :

Quoting from that email (and this is like crawling on broken glass):

My colleague Fabian Neumann has georeferenced 90% of the substations automatically and will publish the code and results soon. If anyone wants to help him to manually georeference the other 10%, please get in touch with him! It shouldn't take too long.

The semantics that underpin the EPRI‑led reference architecture discussed today would be of very considerable interest to open energy system modelers — I am sure — but only if the data files are made public under CC‑BY‑4.0.  Software licenses don't work for data files (nor were they ever designed to do so).

More on the database directive I mentioned if interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_Directive

Hard to estimate the size of our community but easily several hundred full‑time researchers.  Please help us become more productive! :)

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