UK Ofgem on data access and data licensing

Robbie Morrison

Hello list, hello Schuli (if not on holiday)

About two weeks ago, the UK Ofgem regulator released this document:

The report covers, among other things, metadata and semantics — themes that are, I believe, quite relevant to DAWG.  Indeed I just blogged about these matters and a couple of the other issues raised:

Pulling out three questions from the Ofgem report specifically — which Ofgem sidestep for now:

  • the use of the IEC CIM for semantics
  • the use of the Dublin Core for metadata
  • the choice of public license for open data and optimal interoperability in particular

Legal metadata in general and the Dublin Core specifically may well have some crossover with the upcoming webinar on Egeria.  And worth noting that data is much more strongly protected as intellectual property under English law in comparison to US law for example.

with best wishes, Robbie

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