Ongoing work on API specifications

Markus Mirz


as discussed in the last TAC meeting, one deliverable of the DAWG could be a set of generic (not implementation specific) API specifications for applications like simulation, state-estimation and forecasting.
The idea is to bring different LFE projects together on API level and make it easy for users to switch between implementations. For example, users can adopt the LFE simulation API in their tooling first and then compare different implementations available in LFE to understand better which one is the most suitable one for their application.

We (SOGNO, OpenSTEF) are working on a first example related to forecasting. It will be based on Alliander's OpenSTEF API. Let me know if you are interested in contributing to this effort.
When this is ready, I would like to organize another DAWG meeting to discuss the outcome.

This is just to keep you informed about what is happening even though we do not have regular DAWG meetings currently.