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Lucian Balea

Hi CoMPAS Committers!

LF Energy is renewing its website. You will find in the document below the proposal for the CoMPAS webpage.

Please have a look preferably before Friday 28th (if not feasible, no worry since it will be possible to refine the content after the launch of the new website).

I already reviewed the proposal and the content seems pretty solid and consistent with previous presentations.




De : Jeffrey Osier-Mixon <jefro@...>
Envoyé : lundi 17 août 2020 17:46
À : BALEA Lucian <lucian.balea@...>
Cc : Naomi Washington <nwashington@...>; Shuli Goodman <sgoodman@...>; Lindsay Mays <lmays@...>
Objet : LF Energy Project Pages - CoMPAS


Happy Monday everyone! This is going to each of the technical leads for each LF Energy project.


We are in the final work on the new website, and as we have discussed several times at TAC meetings, part of that is consolidating all existing project information. I have gone through the websites, github repos, and documentation pages for each project and compiled some standardized information, and while we are importing this into the website, I'd be very grateful if you could have a look. 



Overall, each project page on the website will have a description & graphical image, a block of icons with important links, and a more detailed section below. Most of the text for these sections has been adapted from existing pages, so it will look familiar. 


Please take a look at the content for your project over the next week, and respond on this thread before Monday August 24 with any changes. The format of the final pages may change a bit, but in general, we consider the content on these to be pretty solid.


Please note as well that a lot of the technical information for each project will be hosted in the appropriate place on the wiki. While the front wiki page for each project is very standardized, we expect that the wiki sections for each project will be a bit more variable and will grow & shrink with the needs of the project.


In addition, if your project already builds documentation from github, we would like to preserve that as requested by some of you. If there are other static pages you feel need to be preserved outside of the LF Energy website/wiki, please let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss options.


Finally, when we launch these around Sept 1, please plan to change your existing sites to either redirect over to or to point to it as the standard location, otherwise visitors will be very confused as to which website is the right one.


Thanks & hope you are all having a good August


Jeffrey "Jefro" Osier-Mixon  |  Linux Foundation  |

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