July 7nd TSC meeting report #tsc-meeting-report


Hello everyone,
Our tenth monthly TSC meeting was 7nd July. You can find the presentation in files section of compas-tsc mailing list.
Here are the conclusions / decisions taken during this meeting.
List of attendees :
-Sander Jansen
-Rob Tjalma
-Dennis Labordus
-Frederic Fousseret
1-Review of previous meeting report 
        Proposal of report is accepted.
2-Review of actions
From February meeting:
-Add scrum US method : Action for RTE => Add as issue in Github => Done, Action can be deleted as it will be followed on Github
From March meeting:
4-Among GE TSC members, ask who would like to receive License scan report: Action for Frédéric 
=> Add Jean-François to mailing list => To do but problem because only member of TSC can be added => TSC members from GE stay the same => Add Stevan to the mailing List => Done
5-Try to integrate API from Alliander as a plugin in OpenSCD => In progress.
From May meeting:
11-Action for Frédéric: Work on the files according to TAC criteria:
create a GOVERNANCE file with link to the COMPAS Technical Charter; => Done 
launch a Release file with a first release planned in September;=> To do
create a SUPPORT file with links to mailing lists, slack… => Done
15-Discuss this points during community call or refinement meeting :
Branch settings across CoMPAS repositories are not the same. Needs to be consistent => To do
From previous meeting:
16-Prepare slides for Annual Compas Review and share them with TSC members for comments/inputs => Action for Frédéric => Done
17-Delete August meeting and plan new TSC meeting the second Wednesday or month with a beginning in September => Action for Frédéric => Done
18-Work on a document to propose different solutions for trying to find a consensus with frameworks => To do by RTE quickly if possible => In progress
3-Feedback on the COMPAS annual review which took place on June 29
The CoMPAS annual review took place on June 29;
It went well;
The slides are located in the TSC Mailing List Files folder;
We have to work mainly on the version, the growth plan and the CII badge to get to the next level.
4-Feedback concerning refinement in progress
These meetings are very useful.
Lack of a greater presence of developers on the RTE side => A new developer Aliou Diaite will come to reinforce Mohamed on the RTE side in order to ensure a stronger presence.
5-Open discussion
Nothing to report