June 2nd TSC meeting report #tsc-meeting-report


Hello everyone,
Our nineth monthly TSC meeting was 2nd June. You can find the presentation in files section of compas-tsc mailing list.
Here are the conclusions / decisions taken during this meeting.
List of attendees :
-Sander Jansen
-Rob Tjalma
-Jean-François Legros
-Dennis Labordus
-Stevan Vigouroux
-Frederic Fousseret
1-Review of previous meeting report 
        Proposal of report is accepted.
2-Review of actions
From January Meeting:
1-Validation of technical choices (discussion on slack, PR?)(Action for Rabah)
=> In progress,we have had dedicated meetings on this subject and another action on this more specific was created => Action to delete, only the Quarkus / spring problem remains identified by another action.
From February meeting:
-Add scrum US method : Action for RTE => Add as issue in Github
3-See how not to use issue for US : Action RTE => To delete, no longer relevant.
From March meeting:
4-Among GE TSC members, ask who would like to receive License scan report: Action for Frédéric 
=> Add Jean-François to mailing list => To do but problem because only member of TSC can be added => TSC members from GE stay the same => Add Stevan to the mailing List.
5-Try to integrate API from Alliander as a plugin in OpenSCD => In progress. It is planned in the coming two week. Meeting on it this day.
From April meeting:
8 - Action for RTE: see if using quarkus is possible. What could be the impacts?=> To delete, a new action on this subject resulted from this meeting.
10 - Action for Rob: planned a community call extended on PR => To do during next community call => Done, to close.
From previous meeting:
11-Action for Frédéric: Work on the files according to TAC criteria:
create a GOVERNANCE file with link to the COMPAS Technical Charter; 
launch a Release file with a first release planned in September;
create a SUPPORT file with links to mailing lists, slack… => To do
12-Create a public repository to put the XSD file and add the legal information => Done
13-Action for Jean-François => Submit a script to verify if it is the latest XSD version and download it in the build process => Done.
14-Organize a dedicated meeting on technology choices => Done
15-Discuss this points during community call or refinement meeting :
Branch settings across CoMPAS repositories are not the same. Needs to be consistent => To do
How do we handle reviews of big Pull Requests? (Some are 100+ changed files) => Done
3-Compas annual review
Compas annual review during TAC meeting is planned for June 29.
Details of the purpose and expectations of the review are listed at https://wiki.lfenergy.org/display/HOME/Technical+Project+Lifecycle#TechnicalProjectLifecycle-AnnualReviewProcess. 
The purpose is to have the TAC better understand the maturity of the project, and it provides an opportunity for the project to escalate concerns, request support, and provide feedback. 
Frédéric will prepare slides for this meeting and waits for inputs from TSC members => Do a wiki page to collect information. Actions for RTE.
4-Changement of date for the TSC meeting
Compas TSC meeting overlaps with the LF Energy Governing Board which happens also once a month.
Idea is to shift to the week before or after? Do you agree? Beginning in September => Decision taken is to postpone the TSC meeting to the second week of month, Wednesday with a beginning in September.
Frédéric proposes to delete the August meeting of the TSC. Do you agree? Decision taken is to delete August TSC meeting.
5-Technology choices and poll:
RTE has to work on a document to propose different solutions for trying to find a consensus. To do quickly if possible.
6-First comebacks concerning refinement in progress
This item was postponed to another meeting due to lack of time.
7-Open discussion
Nothing to report