April 7th TSC meeting report #tsc-meeting-report


Hello everyone,
Our seventh monthly TSC meeting was 7th April. You can find the presentation in files section of compas-tsc mailing list.
Here are the conclusions / decisions taken during this meeting.
List of attendees :
-Sander Jansen
-Rob Tjalma
-Jean-François Legros
-Jean-Etienne Lemaire
-Frederic Fousseret
1-Review of previous meeting report 
        Proposal of report is accepted.
2-Review of actions
From January Meeting:
1-Validation of technical choices (discussion on slack, PR?)(Action for Rabah)
=> In progress,some points to discuss
From February meeting:
  -Add copyright elements (answer from Lucian) : Action for Alliander => Done
-Add scrum US method : Action for RTE => To do
-Add how to start new code / to create license files => Done
3-See how not to use issue for US : Action RTE => To do
From previous meeting:
4-4-Among GE TSC members, ask who would like to receive License scan report: Action for Frédéric 
=> Add Jean-François to mailing list => To do but problem because only member of TSC can be added => New Action for Jean-François, see from GE side if Jean Francois could be TSC member instead of a colleague.
5-Try to integrate API from Alliander as a plugin in OpenSCD => To do
6-Share COMPAS and OPENSCD roadmap and architecture during next TSC meetings => Dedicated meeting scheduled for May 5.
3-Microservice choice explanation by Flurb · Pull Request #65 · com-pas/compas-architecture (github.com) 
Last September, Quarkus was agreed to be used.
But there have had a miscommunication on it. 
As consequence, a commit from RTE on SCT side was made with Spring. 
This is explain by a problem of timeline: RTE was not ready to exchange on framework choice at the beginning of the project. 
And for RTE, most of their developpement are made under Spring for several reasons: 
-Spring is widely used and well tested unlike quarkus (new technology)
-The use of RTE is done on the server side
-More knowlegdes and skills on spring for RTE developpers 
From GE side quarkus is preferred
-Spring is a company choice
However, main advantage of quarkus is a more optimized usage of resources (memory) what is very good for laptop version.
=> Action from RTE side: see if using quarkus is possible. What could be the impacts?
4-Multiple review names per subject (see slack discussion)
There is currently a problem concerning reviews.
There is no cross review between the projects (CIM and SCT) and time required to do this review is too long.
The envisaged solution is to add reviewers (and declare them in Maintainers file) => Action Frédéric
Compas core: Rob as reviewer. Jean-François too after TSC vote (for his candidacy for the TSC)
Compas-contribution : Add Sander as reviewer
Compas-architecture : Add Rob et Sander as reviewer
SCT : Add Rob as reviewer. Jean-François too after TSC vote (for his candidacy for the TSC)
Cim-mapping: Add Mohamed as reviewer
Other ideas:
Have a dedicated meeting on pull request => it could be a community call extended => Action Rob.
5-IEC copyright statements
We are waiting for an answer to know if we can use xsd and code component of the standard. Ongoing discussion. 
6-RTE presentation of SCT story mapping and program board
This item was postponed to another meeting due to lack of time.
7-Open discussion
We received a survey on COMPAS in March from LFE in order to answer it by March 23.
Frédéric answered the questions except for the last one which asked for a privileged interlocutor for interviews / communication relations. 
Who would be interested?
Nobody at the meeting is currently interested.