February 3rd TSC meeting report #tsc-meeting-report


Hello everyone,
Our fifth monthly TSC meeting was 3rd february. You can find the presentation in files section of compas-tsc mailing list.
Here are the conclusions / decisions taken during this meeting.
List of attendees :
-Jean-François Legros
-Sander Jansen
-Stevan Vigouroux
-Rob Tjalma
-Jean-Etienne Lemaire
-Frédéric Fousseret
1-Review of previous meeting report 
        Proposal of report is accepted.
2-Review of actions
1-Invite OpenSCD maintainers to next TSC meeting (Action for Frédéric):
  Done but no answer yet > Try to contact him on slack (Action for Frédéric).
2- License scanning : Ask to Lucian (Action for Frédéric):
RTE use Fossa well but, it is not user-friendly.
LF offers regular license scan (see next point) and it seems to be sufficient => Action closed.
3-Copyright : Ask to Lucian: Answer from Lucian :
Regarding the “copyright” topic, I have an internal advise that it is better to have the company listed in order to justify that the corresponding developments costs can be counted as investments in our books.
I do not know to which extent it is required and we would need further legal advise. So I think better not to change for the time being. => Action closed. New action => To put in guidelines (Action for Alliander).
4-Validation of technical choice (discussion on slack, PR?)(Action for Rabah) => To do, action for Rabah
3-License scan reports
Frédéric received an email from Steve Winslow of LF asking who would like to receive the regular license scan reports?
Sander and Rob are interested => Action for Frédéric: Communicate Rob and Sander's contact details to Steve for membership in the license scan mailing list.
On GE side : Jean-Francois asks his colleagues => Action for Jean-François.
4-Is TSC meeting public? According to the LFE Spring Summit, a TSC meeting is public (everyone can join). Is this true?
Yes, TSC meeting is public.
5-Default tool for meeting in community?
Currently we use Microsoft Teams for community call, Zoom US for TSC.
Each of them has advantages and drawbacks. For example, Zoom for theorganization of TSC meetings is quite practical (RSVP...).
Microsoft Teams cannot do this easily.
Additionally, GE has a private Teams network, and must log out to join an external meeting.
So, we decide to stay as it is now, and to wait and see for the future if community grows.
6-Alliander proposal for the LFE Spring Summit
Alliander want to submit a presentation for LFE Spring Summit.
TSC is OK, and members can help Alliander prepare for this.
Alliander is leading the process.
7-Presentation of RTE's first user stories on SCT
RTE has started writing user stories in github. Currently, the issues are used to do this because "project" is not open to everyone. Action => Watch how not to use issues.
In any case, do not hesitate to review these user stories.
Concerning the structure of the text of a US, this one responds scrupulously to the SCRUM process. This is why RTE proposes that all USs be in this formalism. Action for RTE: provide guidelines on scrum US method.
8-Open discussion
GE idea: Explain on Github (page) how to start new code / how to create license files => Action : to add to guidelines. Guidelines could be put in the contributing repository.