January 6th TSC meeting report #tsc-meeting-report


Hello everyone,
Our fourth monthly TSC meeting was 6th January. You can find the presentation in files section of compas-tsc mailing list.
Here are the conclusions / decisions taken during this meeting.
List of attendees :
-Jean-François Legros
-Sander Jansen
-Stevan Vigouroux
-Rabah Laouadi
-Frédéric Fousseret
1-Review of previous meeting report 
                Proposal of report is accepted.

2-Review of actions
                Action 1-Open PR to anonymous=>Done
Action 2-Ask question about generic lfenergy mailbox for compas=>Done on Slack by Rabah
Action 3-Give admin rights to Rabah on Github=>Done
3-Open discussion
                -Discussion / First impression on openscd (open source initiative from Omicron to develop a SCT) (see https://openscd.github.io):
This project is very interesting and we need to discuss more deeply with them in order to know how it could be useful to work together?
Action : Invite them to discuss during next TSC meeting
-Github Rights for non maintainers :
Contrary to the decision of the previous meeting, the rights of owners should be temporary for non-members of the TSC: Decision taken by the four TSC members of the meeting.
-Status of contributors / planned contributions in the coming weeks
Alliander : work on infrasctrure, license scan, cim to 61850 conversion (architecture)
GE: Topic : Pure SCT. From now to May, Jean François works 50% of his time on COMPAS. After May, there will be at least one full time person on compas. Rabah will help on technology.
RTE: Topic : Pure SCT. 3 people currently on the project (not full time). Mohamed for development, Jean-Etienne Lemaire for user stories, and Frédéric Fousseret.
-Update on LFX security scanner: 
Alliander worked on it but there is an issue (problem with the choice of code), opened in JIRA.
-License scanning: How do we keep track of the SPDX compliance as mentioned in the technical charter? Add REUSE - Make licensing easy for everyone as an Github action?
From RTE side, we used FOSSA. Ask to Lucian which tool to use?
            -Can we say Copyright LF energy CoMPAS community? Or do we have to name of the individual organizations?
            Action : Ask to Lucian.
-Validation of technical choices:
Rabah needs to start the discussion on slack to see if all the choices are right. The goal is to make PR regarding all the choices, and the other members review them.
After review stage, a presentation will be made at a monthly TSC meeting.