November 4th TSC meeting report #tsc-meeting-report


Hello everyone,


Our second monthly TSC meeting was 4th November. You can find the presentation in files section of compas-tsc mailing list.


Here are the conclusions / decisions taken during this meeting.



List of attendees :

-Patrick Montaner
-Stevan Vigouroux
-Rob Tjalma
-Sander Jansen,
-Rabah Laouadi
-Frédéric Fousseret 

1-Sign-off flag and Github webcommits does not work

For non-developers, to commit, we can use the tool: Github desktop which works quite well. Regarding the sign-off, it is mandatory for legal reasons. It is important to know who published the code if that code does not comply with open source licenses.

Actions Frédéric: Find out the reference concerning Sign Off and answer the question (issue) according to it on github + Find out how to sign off with Github Desktop.


2-Technology choices, do all TSC member like the choices?

The analysis of the technological choices during the TSC meeting is not relevant.

We suggest that those affected by this topic discuss it in an ad hoc meeting or community call.

Structuring decisions will be taken at the next TSC meeting.

Action Frédéric:  Add Rabah Laouadi to the new slack (, and invite him to the TSC mailing list.


3-Current status of TSC members and their ability to contribute

Don't hesitate to submit PR with an idea.

The health situation is causing delays for RTE, but RTE wishes to participate actively in the project.

For GE, architecture is the priority.

Rabah asks to use the slack widely.

IEC expert on the GE side will help: Jean-François Legros


4-Rights for uploading files on

All TSC members now have administrator rights on mailing lists.


5-Talk about the channels of the mailing list and validate their relevance.

Currently there are 4 channels:

·         Developper

·         Announce

·         General

·         TSC

The experience of other projects shows that the Announce channel is never used, and it is important to be efficient on this subject and not to multiply the communication media, which is why it is useful to decide whether all the channels are relevant.

TSC decides to delete the Announce channel and keep the others. The suitability of the developer will be checked in the future.

Action Frédéric : To delete Announce channel.


6-Feedback on current development method

Alliander is now using issues with PR.

The Github workflow is used (branches…).

The main branch is protected.

According to members, this is the current correct method. However, we need to make PR more visible to facilitate reviews.

This is possible for example by connecting issues / PR to slack or teams (webhook).

Each member can define it on their own Github account.


7-Community call update

A weekly meeting might be too much. That's why every two weeks could be better.

The agenda will be shared on the LFEnergy Wiki.

Calendar on mailing list should too be completed : Action Rob.

Talk about MVP at the next meeting.


8-Can this page be removed?
It is necessary to check if present in github wiki and then delete the page => action Frédéric


9-Talk about the TAC Technical Advisory Council(TAC) and suggest someone to participate

Technical Advisory Council is responsible for helping with coordination and communication between the various technical efforts and projects supported by LF Energy.

Compas can participate in this council but as at this moment Compas has the status of “incubation”, so we cannot vote.

However, we have to nominate someone to participate.

As at this time of the meeting, each member of the TSC is not present, we suggest to ask who wishes to participate thanks to the mailing-list: action Frédéric